The KMI 12-Series

Do you have  long-standing issues that stem from daily habits (such as long hours of sitting at a computer) or compensation from a past injury? The KMI 12-series may be right for you. The 12-series involves 12 consecutive sessions: each session works on a different set of structural relationships in the body, and builds off the sessions before it. This comprehensive treatment series gives your body the time it needs to allow long-standing patterns to unwind, to learn new, healthier patterns, and to ultimately transform the way you live, work and play in your body.

3-Series ‘Tune-Up’

Perhaps you have already undertaken the 12-series, and want a tune-up on persistent issues. Or maybe you want a more targeted approach to a specific area of your body. The 3-session series may be all it takes to help get you moving better again. 

Individual SI Sessions

Are you curious about Structural Integration and want to find out if its right for you?  Or perhaps you want an intermittent tune-up to keep your body running smooth and strong and to prevent injury.   In a first-time individual session, you receive a consultation and an introduction to the hands-on treatment approach.  For intermittent sessions, your practitioner maintains a client treatment history to provide you with the most benefit from each session.