I saw Sussanne for Structural Integration. It was great. She worked deeply, at once both firmly and gently. I felt parts of my body release that hadn’t in a long time. Highly recommend!
— Sara L.

I got a lot out of my sessions. In addition to receiving some enjoyable soft tissue manipulation, I learned a lot about my personal bio-mechanics and which types of motions and postures are responsible for my reoccurring injuries. Sussanne definitely has the healing touch.
— M.A.
I’m so excited to continue working with Sussanne. Her knowledge base and hands on skills are fabulous. I felt safe in her care, heard, and seen. I left my first session full of hope that this modality will help with the mechanics of my gait as well as my tension headaches.
— Angela F.

Sussanne has a true gift for seeing the structural and postural imbalances in the body and manually integrating and mobilizing tissue to release and rebalance muscles and soft tissue, bringing the body back into proper alignment. I am so grateful for the changes I have experienced as a result of the work Sussanne has done with me.
— Jennie C.
Sussanne is wonderful. I look forward to continued SI work with Sussanne. She quickly spotted my structural issues, even some that I was unaware of myself. She has a knack for explaining complex mechanical/structural concepts in a way that is easy to understand. In her bodywork, she is confident and responsive and put me at easy right away. I felt chronic areas of tightness unlock. I’m excited for more.
— Barb L.