Whether you are starting a new fitness program, recovering from an injury post-rehab, or looking to enhance your athletic performance, Corvallis Structural Balance has a movement therapy program for you. We offer Pilates as the foundation of our movement program, interwoven with the complementary principles of integrated biomechanics and somatic education. Our program focuses on the balance, stability, and integrity of the neuromusculoskeletal system, with attention to breath and mindful motion. We base our program on the understanding that movement isn't about isolated muscles or joints - bodies move as integrated, synergistic systems. 

Awareness and Re-Education

Structural integrity in the body starts with awareness; awareness of how you stand, sit, walk, breathe and other day-to-day habits. For instance, when you add up the amount of time spent in a car, at a desk, at meals and in front of a computer, most people devote a large part of their day to sitting. Nevertheless, most people pay little attention to how they sit, and spend much of the time in a slumped position. 

Over time, postural habits get "written into" the soft tissue structures of the body, with muscles and fascia becoming short, tight and adhered. Structural imbalances in turn reinforce poor posture.

Our goal is to help you establish new, healthier movement and postural patterns that will carry over into your daily activities- at work, at rest and at play.


An Integrated Program

Our movement program is an important complement to our Structural Integration offerings. By balancing and releasing the myofascial structures of the body, Structural Integration opens new possibilities for how a person lives in their body. However, these new possibilities must be integrated into a person's regular movement and postural habits to make them stick. In this way, our manual and movement therapy offerings serve as an integrated program. 


Session Fees

Sessions are 55 mins in length

1 session: $75
5 sessions: $350
10 sessions: $580