Sussanne Maleki

 MS LMT BCSI, KMI Certified

My journey into this work began over 15 years ago while recovering from a sports-related knee injury.  I was also living with chronic back pain from a decade-old work injury.  At a young age, I believed chronic pain and physical limitations were here to stay.  

Then I discovered Pilates and I began to move differently. I learned how to support my spine, protect my joints, and move through daily activities without pain.  Movement felt joyful again!  I began studying movement, and in 2003 became a certified Pilates teacher.   I've specialized my work in therapeutic movement and somatic education, helping clients develop greater awareness and ease in their everyday activities.  

Being a proud member of the ‘body nerd’ community, my professional study has focused on the anatomy and biomechanics of movement, as well as the principles of various embodied movement forms.  My love for interdisciplinary learning and exploring new ways to help my clients led me to the work of Tom Myers -- including Anatomy Trains and his many writings on anatomical form and function in bodywork therapies.  Tom's work inspired me to expand my practice.  In 2015, I became a KMI Board Certified Structural Integration practitioner and a Licensed Manual Therapist.  Integrating these specializations in movement and manual therapy has given me powerful tools to explore with each client how they can move better, breathe better, and feel better in their body.   I'm inspired everyday to help clients return to joyful movement.